Member Testimonials

Access to a Powerful Business Network is Right at Your Fingertips

Member Testimonials

        • “Everyone knows the issues that most of us have with markets today. I’m an ARM member because of the variety and number of markets I can access through ARM. ARM takes the conversation from “Do I have a market for this risk?” To “ARM has a market for this risk.”  As an ARM stockholder, I have some control over the markets they offer and service they provide. That’s a bonus. The meetings are excellent and the opportunity to network with a group of successful, forward thinking, independent agents is too good to not take advantage of. If you think ARM is just an MGA, look again.  You won’t find market access like this at most MGAs and ARM  is an organization owned by insurance agents, for insurance agents. “

           - Al Shank, Al Shank Insurance, Inc

        • "One of the biggest things we have gained is the power of the group size giving us a much weightier presence in the marketplace with carriers and wholesalers.  Being able to pick up the phone and say I am an ARM agent and I am looking for XYZ, then having the person on the other end perk up and really try and help us.  In addition the interaction of the peer network has been extremely valuable to our agency.  I have yet to find an agency in our group that doesn't operate in the same ethical and professional way we operate our agancy.  I believe all of our members are more centered on taking care of their clients than whatever impact that may have on their bottom line."

           - Larry Brown, Overman Insurance

"The thing I like best about ARM is the diversity of our member agents. There is so much talent collectively assembled within the ARM group, the State Executives and our Partners at Arthur J. Gallagher and Co. that we feel we really have a competitive advantage of what we can deliver. I would tell any agent considering ARM membership that ARM creates a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge, increase market access, and develop solid revenue opportunities without having to give up your independence. It's a great deal."

      • - Larry Johnson, VP of First United Insurance Solutions