Why ARM?


ARM affiliated agencies can derive the following benefits:

Access insurance products and programs. These markets are available as a result of an affiliation with the ARM network. Many markets are available on an exclusive basis to ARM members.

Access the Arthur J. Gallagher & Company through the ARM Partners facility. An exclusive arrangement with the 4th largest broker in the World. This allows our members to bring in the expertise and capacity needed to call on most any account in their marketing territory.

Capitalize on group marketing efforts negotiated specifically for ARM of Mid America.

Generate substantial revenues from opportunity developed by ARM of Mid America.


ARM of Mid America offers you the BEST agency network in the region!

100+ locations throughout the key economic centers in our marketing territory.

500+ support staff employed by our members to help service and write new business.

300+ producers working with prospects to make them long-term clients.

One central office to handle any or all of the administrative and marketing processes.

You deserve the BEST and that is what ARM offers you.